New Non-Bank Loans and Payday Loans For 2018



Of course, the loan is not equal, the offers are different, the costs of loans are different. Loans are also divided into those provided in the form of a short-term payday repayment within 30 or 60 days, as well as those provided in the form of an installment loan, the repayment of which is very similar to that of a bank loan. In what form we decide to borrow additional cash, depends only on ourselves. There are so many offers available on the market that we can choose one that will be the most suited for us. I decided to present three companies from each industry, starting from those companies that allow to get a loan with repayment in monthly installments.


New Installment Loans 2018


New Installment Loans 2018



EUROLOAN – a company that has one of the most advantageous offers on the non-bank loan market. Speaking of benefits, I mean, of course, the cost of loans that are not too high for non-bank conditions. The company’s offer is also quite solid because the company has to offer loans in the amount of 300 to even 20,000 PLN. The loan repayment period depends mainly on the amount of the loan granted and can range from a few months to 48 months. So if any of you are looking for a larger loan available via a non-banking route, then you should look at this offer. The Euroloan offer is available to persons over 18 years of age, they do not have unsettled obligations visible in the databases of the Economic Information Bureau and the Credit Information Bureau and they have an active bank account to obtain a loan .


MIKROKASA – maybe the company is not among the newest, because the activity started already a good few years ago, but it has only recently offered its financial products via the Internet. Mikrokasa is a company from the Tri-City, which now allows you to take advantage of its offer, all people who live in Poland. The loan costs may not be as beneficial as in the case of the predecessor, but they are also not particularly high for the paraffin. It is a company that grants installment loans through which you can borrow up to PLN 15,000 with a repayment period of up to 30 monthly installments. The condition for obtaining a loan is the age of majority, active ID card and obtaining a positive credit rating by the Risk Assessment Department, Mikrokasa. Faster loan repayment in this company allows you to reduce the cost of the loan.


THIRTEEN – this is not a typical offer of the installment loan and the offer of a loan card, hence the offer quite innovative for the domestic market, which, moreover, I had the opportunity to describe in more detail in Banks24 . This is a proposal for people who are looking for not large amounts, but which could be easily and quickly repaid without incurring high costs. Deciding on the offer of the Thirteen card, you get a limit of up to PLN 3000, which you will be able to repay within 1 to 180 days. The repayment period depends on you, and the sooner you pay off the debt on the card, the less you will incur the costs. We only carry them if we use the limit available on the card. The offer will be available to people over 22, they are Polish citizens and will receive a positive credit rating. After 6 months of getting the card, we can get a higher limit on the card.


New Payments From 2018


New Payments From 2018

KUKI – the first new timeframe 2018 about which I will scrape first Kuki offer. It is quite a rich offer of payday loans, because the limit for new customers can be up to PLN 3,000. People who decide to take advantage of further loans in the company will be able to count on getting up to 8,000 PLN. The first time, as with most similar companies, we can get completely free and without additional costs. The condition is, of course, the timely repayment of the whole amount borrowed in advance, not longer than 30 days. A person who is over 20 years old has a personal cell phone number and an active bank account for a loan in Kuki. To obtain a loan, a registration fee of PLN 0.01 is also required, in the form of a transfer made from your bank account.


CREDILO – another of the new payday offers for 2018 is the Credilo offer. Its offer includes payday loans with a standard repayment period of up to 30 days. The customer submitting his first application in the company has the possibility of obtaining a loan of up to PLN 1,600. By using the promotion for new customers, we get the first loan for free and without any fees. In the case of subsequent loans, their limit may be increased to PLN 2,500. The condition for obtaining a loan at Credilo is to finish 22 years and not to have financial arrears at Credilo when applying for a loan. Additional account verification can be carried out on the basis of sending a verification transfer or the Instantor application.


LEW LOAN – one of the most interesting offers of payday loans that has appeared recently. Just like other short-term offers presented today, so in this case we have the opportunity to get the first loan completely free of charge. All we have to do is return the full amount we have borrowed on time and we will bypass any fees related to the loan. Of course, this type of promotion applies only to new customers and the limit for new customers is up to PLN 3,000. The main requirement to get a payday loan at Lew Pożyczka is at the age of 19, having employment at the time of applying for a loan and no entry in any register of debtors. Lion Loan will definitely be a good proposition for people looking for a break without checking the BIK databases . To obtain a reminder, it is necessary to make a verification transfer in the amount of PLN 0.01.


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