Debt rescheduling without private credit

A rescheduling without private credit entry finds, especially in Germany, almost no consideration. Only dubious credit intermediaries engage in such a deal and glorify expensive financing that the debtor simply can not afford due to his poor financial condition and under any circumstances. Bank customers who have a negative feature in their private credit card index, have little chance to get the desired rescheduling from the house bank or another German bank granted. For this reason, it is worthwhile to look for alternatives on the international financial parquet for the rescheduling without private credit.

Additional costs due to a negative private credit entry are guaranteed

Should the rare case occur that a bank chooses to grant the applicant a negative private credit entry for an approval of the planned rescheduling, additional costs in the form of extremely high interest rates are guaranteed. On the basis of this situation, the refinancing of the once borrowed credit is simply obsolete. The previous loan should therefore be paid off as usual.

Against this backdrop, it is only rarely worth taking a debt rescheduling and benefiting from the initially advertised “low interest rates”. Given this mostly irrefutable fact, it is only too understandable that debtors look for alternatives. Within the European Union, consumers have the opportunity to look around freely on the financial market and to consider a favorable offer from a European member state.

Basically, the private credit is a “German invention” which has no influence on the international financial markets. For example, if you decide to take up a loan in Switzerland, you only have to prove that you have a regular income in the form of the last three monthly statements.

Search for and find alternatives abroad

Precisely because debt rescheduling without private credit information in Germany is almost impossible to solve, more and more borrowers are opting for financing in other European countries. The rescheduling without private credit is initially no problem there and depends only on the income of the potential borrower. Applicants who can provide collateral (real estate, etc.) to a guarantor or the respective amount can benefit from comparatively low interest rates, even if private credit does not restructure debt.

On the basis of income, the foreign banks regulate the interest rate or the resulting default risk. The amount of loans granted usually ranges between 3,500 and 5,000 euros. Due to the different legal situation, it is worthwhile to include an independent as well as serious credit intermediary in your own considerations and at the same time benefit from a wealth of experience. Independent intermediaries usually forego costly commission at the expense of their customers.

Despite attractive offers from abroad compare offers

In the run-up, it is still important to compare the offers for a rescheduling without private credit with each other and thereby uncover any weaknesses. Over the last few years, the existing credit market has continued to evolve due to high demand. This development has resulted in a large number of online lending platforms, which primarily focus on financing offers from foreign banks and put the interests of the consumer at the forefront.

Due to the increasing pressure of competition among the banks themselves, consumers have the option to avail themselves of cheap offers without private credit and to save money in this connection. Anyone who decides to take this step should, however, obtain accurate information and obtain comprehensive advice from a reputable credit intermediary. In this way, various special conditions can be negotiated that the original credit agreement has not provided.

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