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Civil Servants Loan – What We Think About It

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The civil service loan Nürnberger Versicherung has been around for a very long time. This used to be more of a repayment-free loan plus life insurance in which the monthly installment was paid. Only the interest was paid monthly for the loan. At the end of the term, the life insurance loan was completely repaid. […]

Loan for Retirees with Immediate Commitment ▷ Secure Low Interest Rates Now!

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Anyone who has been a welcome borrower at his bank at the time of his professional life will find it is no longer quite easy to get a loan for retirees. The fact that a consumer is no longer in working life does not mean that he does not need a new car or that […]

New Loans and Payday Loans for 2018 – New Loan Offers

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    New Non-Bank Loans and Payday Loans For 2018     Of course, the loan is not equal, the offers are different, the costs of loans are different. Loans are also divided into those provided in the form of a short-term payday repayment within 30 or 60 days, as well as those provided in […]

Rebooking of several loans

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  Some consumers loan under the burden of their installments. A loan must be served, the mail order company gets its installments and, last but not least, the checking account is hopelessly in the red. Before it comes to over-indebtedness, which can happen very quickly, one should think about a rescheduling of several loans. Does a debt […]

Debt rescheduling without private credit

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A rescheduling without private credit entry finds, especially in Germany, almost no consideration. Only dubious credit intermediaries engage in such a deal and glorify expensive financing that the debtor simply can not afford due to his poor financial condition and under any circumstances. Bank customers who have a negative feature in their private credit card index, have […]

Loan for Low Earners despite Private Credit – Real Solutions

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A credit for low-income earners despite private credit may be promoted quite cocky here and there. But those who are more intensively involved with the topic quickly realize that advertising is not very true. Because who has only a very small income and on top of that has negative entries in the private credit, is […]